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Sidney Williams

Welcome, I’m Sidney Williams, author of several paperback horror  thrillers, graphic novels and comic book mini-series. My short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies including Cemetery Dance, Under the Fang, Erotic New Orleans Stories and Hot Blood: Deadly After Dark. I have also written young adult thrillers under the name Michael August. My books are being released in e-editions from Crossroad Press.

Browse and order my Crossroad Press titles here and get updates on new releases and other work. See the original editions of my novels here.

New Things

Disciples of the Serpent is an installmentDiscThumb in the O.C.L.T. series and focuses on a counter terrorism detective in Dublin who finds herself working with the Orphic Crisis Logistical Task Force to unravel the conspiracy behind a series of deaths by a strange venom.

Her investigation soon  becomes a quest that will lead into the dark secrets of ancient Ireland and face the awakening of dangerous destruction.

The book follows other works in the series including Crockatiel by David Niall Wilson and The Noose Club by David Bischoff.

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Dark Hoursthumb

Now in paper and ebook,  Dark Hours follows student journalist Allison Rose as she tries to prove an escaped murderer is hiding out on the campus of the small college she attends. Soon she finds herself drawn into a labyrinth that will force her to confront a brilliant and twisted mastermind as well as secrets from her own past. Get it from Amazon and other ebook vendors. Look inside

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Midnight Eyes

Midnight Eyes
When Sheriff Ty Hood faces a series of brutal murders in his Louisiana jurisdiction, he’s forced to turn to the last person he wants for help, his son. Wayland Hood is a former FBI profiler and overseer of “the four butchers project,” which takes him into the mind of four captured serial killers. Midnight Eyes is also available as an audiobook.

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Short Tales


Watched is a a 7,000-word tale that’s expanded from a short story I wrote for a newspaper youth section one Halloween. It’s set in the universe of my young adult novels, written under the name Michael August. Get it for just 99 cents as an introduction to the strange world of Pembrook High.

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HeaterVol03No05 New Short Stories

Sleepers, a Lovecraftian story of a search through London for lost sheet music, can be read for free at Paper Tape.

Admiral of the Narrow Seas, a pirate fantasy adventure, is also available at Paper Tape.

Decoherence, flash fiction horror, is now available at DM du Jour.

Get my story Pilgrim in the June ’15 issue of Heater.

Get my social satire/horror tale Mr. Berrinton in the July 2015 issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine.

Custom Scent is available in Sanitarium issue No. 46.

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