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Horror and Adventure
Comics by Sidney Williams

Sidney’s royalties on any sales from any Silverline Comics reprints are donated to  Barbershop Books. 

The Mantus Files 
Four Issue Miniseries from Malibu Graphics
Peter Mantus is the child of a sorcerer. Saved from his father’s efforts to scarifice him to demons, he has become an investigator of the arcane. When the man who saved him from his father’s intentions disappears, he heads to New Orleans to unravel the
mystery behind his disappearance and others. Order the Trade Edition


Four-Issue Miniseries from Silverline

Kirk Connell is a thief, trained by a master with whom he has served for years in a thieves’ guild devoted to recovering lost items. When his mentor is gunned down, Kirk leaves the guild to hunt down the man responsible, Judas Rathbone. Described by one critic as a blend of science fiction and film noir in a day after tomorrow world.
Two-Part Graphic Novel from Caliber
A tale of voodoo terror set on the streets of New Orleans. A man struggles to unravel a twisted trail of evil before dark magic turns him into a zombie.

The Scary Book

Published by Silverline
in Trade Paperback and Caliber as miniseries

Comedy and horror don’t usually mix. This tale attempts to prove that wrong. The devil loses a spell book meant for the hands of only the most adept sorcerers. As it passes through the hands of many weird and wacky wannabes, the world is turned on its ear. The nebbish bookseller who inadvertently put it on the market must get it back with the help of a sultry demoness, or lose his soul.

The Dusk Society

Published by Campfire
Graphic novel

A group of misfit high schoolers are thrown together in detention, where the mysterious Miss Raven recruits them into The Dusk Society, an organization that investigates the arcane. First up for the gang, a classmate’s mysteriously disintegrated, and a dark conspiracy of ancient evil seems to be behind it.

Order Trade Edition


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