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“I’m going to kill a priest,” rasps a late-night caller, soon warning, “After the priest, you’re next.” The frightening threat  leads ex-journalist Gable Tyler into an investigation of demonic forces and more as he seeks to find answers behind a girl who talks to angels and is driven by a mysterious being who calls himself Azarius and communicates only through a mirror.
Night Brothers
For ages, an ancient vampire born of the legendary Lilith lies trapped beneath the waters of a Louisiana spring. When drought dries up her prison, she is reborn and
summons all of the forces at her command to establish a new kingdom, night brothers who can ravage any who oppose her.
Blood Hunter
Legends abound about hideous creatures who live in the swamps near Aimsley, Louisiana. They’ve picked up the name Mormo, and they are said to be terrifying. but Jag Walker and Debra Blane discover the creatures are at the root of a larger conspiracy as they begin a search for her missing brother. As they unravel ancient secrets and modern evil, they find they must confront a nightmare.

Gnelfs are Saturday morning cartoon characters, half gnome and half elf. For four-year-old Heaven, they seem very real. Her mom Gabrielle soon realizes that something evil hides behind Heaven’s fantasies. She’s forced into a battle for her daughter’s life with only a mysterious priest named Danube to assist her, and it soon becomes apparent that only a journey into Hell will save them. 


When Darkness FallsCharlie Black can’t figure out why his best friend was ripped to shreds by a pack of wild creatures. The police say it was dogs, but Charlie believes the bloody hunts are part of an ancient legend–and that the secret rituals he’s seen
his teacher, Miss Nielson perform are somehow linked to the creatures that
stalk all who oppose him.
When Darkness Falls
Deadly Delivery
(writing as Michael August)
A “create your own monster” contest in a horror movie magazine touches off a summer of terror for a group of bored friends. One member of the crowd has
mysterious powers that include making imagined fears become real.
(Also published in German)
Deadly Delivery
New Year’s Evil
(writing as Michael August)
Tess Ryan and her friends at Pembrook High set out to teach bully Bran Hatten a lesson, calling on Charisse Bienville for help. She’s rumored to be a witch, and when they join her in casting a spell, the result is murder and more. Charisse expects payment for her services, and when she doesn’t get what she wants, she begins to spin a spell of evil.
The Gift(writing as Michael August)Veronica Mallory’s father gives her a doll house that looks incredibly real. At first, she’s thrilled with the ancient treasure, but then it beings to have a strange and violent effect on her friends and family. Can she unlock the gift’s dark secrets in time to save those she loves. The Gift

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